Sports Day and Children with Cancer Charity 2018

Sports Day and Children with Cancer Charity 2018

Early Learners Nurseries & Hayden McCann have successfully raised so far £1,178.20 for ‘Children with Cancer’ charity in 2018!  In March the children at each of the Nurseries took part in a Sports Day to help raise the money.  We would like to thank all parents, staff and most of all the children for their amazing support.  On this day alone ELN Widnes raised: £294.10, ELN Runcorn raised: £454.00, ELN Middlewich raised: £290.10.


Early Learners director Hayden McCann is set to run 2018 London Marathon for ‘Children with Cancer UK!  This will be the third time he has raced this event.  This is a charity close to the director’s hearts. He has been working alongside the charity and the nurseries to raise a minimum of £1500. Over the past three years Hayden and Early Learners have raised over £7000 to help the charity. In 2016 £3235.26 was raised and in 2017 £3194.70 was raised.  Hayden has been traveling the UK taking part in lots of different races to help the charity!

The Virgin Money London Marathon is one of the great British sporting events, combining elite athletics, mass participation and record-breaking fundraising in one race. The course is a gruelling 26 miles 385 yards long, passing through the streets of London from Blackheath to the famous finish line at The Mall.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor Hayden and donations will be quickly processed and passed to the ‘Children with Cancer’ charity. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this.  Thank you for all your support!

Please help me make a difference by making a donation to my Virgin Money Giving page.
To find out more about what Hayden is doing and why, please visit where you can also sponsor him directly online.  For more information on the charity visit:

Sports Day- Runcorn

Sports Day- Runcorn

We held a sponsored sports day in nursery on the 8th March 2018 to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. All of our rooms took part. This is what we did…

The Baby Room – The babies took part in a ‘sponsored bounce’ at jump nation! Doing at least 10 bounces in order to raise their sponsorship money!… It is safe to say they all completed the challenge… 10 times over! As we arrived we made sure we had all of the paper work was filled in, Roman gave us a helping hand! We then had some crisps and a run around until it was safety briefing time! We couldn’t wait to get onto the trampolines but Etta loved dancing to the music on the safety video!

All of the babies were eager to get into the play area and not one of them was unsure! We all bounced, built towers, played on the squashy slide and were so brave climbing in and out of the foam pits! Charlotte loved throwing the soft blocks with her mum and said “Baba!” (Bounce bounce!), Etta did lots of jumping and chasing Freddie. Roman loved knocking down towers of soft blocks , Sallie loved bouncing and the slide and we all had a go at throwing the ball!

The babies, mummies, nanny’s and Amber and Claire all had lots of fun and we got a certificate and a medal for taking part.

The Toddler Room – The toddlers took part in our sports day in nursery, due to the snow in the morning we held ours indoors and set out a range of activities for the children and their families to join in with. The children took turns using the balance beam, holding an adults hand and jumping off at the end. The children played tin-can alley, throwing balls at cans to knock them over, they really enjoyed knocking them over. They all had a turn of climbing the steps and going down the slide whilst changing activities. The children had a lot of fun crawling through the tunnel, all laughing when they came out of the other end. All of the children had a good time throwing the bean bags into the hoop, jumping up and down with happiness when they got the bean bag in the hoop. At the end all of the children received a certificate for taking part and helping us to raise money for our charity.

The Preschool and Tweenie Room – The pre-school and tweenie children completed a variety of sports activities outdoors including an obstacle course, hopscotch, hoop throwing, bean bag target throwing and a hop, skip and jump activity. Children worked extremely hard at each activity station and shown some very good hand/eye coordination and balancing skills. The sports day activities were followed by a certificate ceremony where children and parents congratulated each child as they received their certificate.

Thank you for joining us and for your support in raising money for such an Amazing cause!


The Early Learners Team 😊

Chinese New Year – Widnes

Chinese New Year – Pre-School and Tweenies

On Friday 16th February in the Pre-School and Tweenie rooms we celebrated Chinese New Year, with a little bit of help from our Holiday Club friends.

In the Pre-School room we started off by watching a video on the computer of Chinese dragon and lion dances and then Drew explained to the children and parents what we were going to be doing, while in the Tweenie room they listened to a story about the Chinese Zodiacs and the Year of the Dog.

We split into groups with some children doing art and craft activities and some tasting the yummy Chinese food that Nakita had made for us.

With April and Nicky we tasted Chinese food. Eugene and Heath sat with their mum and nanny, Heath wasn’t too sure about the spring rolls but Eugene really liked them. Eleanor- Rose and Nathan enjoyed trying the food, Callie-Beth and Olivia weren’t too sure about the spring rolls but loved the prawn crackers. Finlay saw the food and said that it was the same as he gets at home with mummy from the takeaway.

With Drew and Sandra the children made lanterns, in Pre-School we used glitter and glue and in tweenies we used the chalks to make different patterns. Lincoln and Frankie B really liked making the marks on the lanterns and were really proud of what they made. Dylan S from holiday club spent a long time on his lantern and it got a little bit stuck to the table.

With Michelle we made collage dragons, we used lots of glue and different coloured cards to decorate the dragon heads. In Pre-School we used the colours to make the dragon face nice and bright and using ribbon we stuck sequins on and lolly sticks so we could make them dance like the dragons we had seen on the computer earlier in the week.

Finally we went into the garden and did a dragon dance using the dragon head that Lewi’s mum had let us borrow. We got the instruments and followed the dragon round the garden making lots of music with the instruments. Frankie I and Dylan B and Olivia N-E really enjoyed this, Rosa, George and Eleanor–Rose even had their mums and Auntie joining in and getting them to walk around with the dragon.

We really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and we hope our grown-ups did too!


EYFS objectives covered:

Understanding the world
People and communities
(30-50 months)
– Shows interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them.
– Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience.
– Recognises and describes special times or events for family or friends.
(40-60 months)
– Enjoys joining in with family customs and routines.


Expressive arts and design
Media and materials
(22-36 months)
– Experiments with blocks, colours and marks.
(30-50 months)
– Enjoys joining in with dancing and ring games.
– Explores and learns how sounds can be changed.
– Explores colour and how colour can be changed.
– Understands that they can use lines to enclose a space, and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.
– Uses various construction materials.
– Realises tools can be used for a purpose.
(40-60 months)
– Explores the different sounds of instruments.
– Understands that different media can be combined to create new effects.
– Manipulates materials to achieve planned effect.
– Selects appropriate resources and adapts work where necessary.

Holi – Festival of Colours – Middlewich

Holi – Festival of Colours Toddlers Middlewich

Holi also known as the “festival of colours” , people smear each other with colours and drench each other. Water guns and water-filled balloons are also used to play and colour each other. In toddlers, we put on our outdoor suits and wellies and had a powder paint run, all toddlers threw paint at each other and Terri and made each other beautiful in lots of colour. The children also made beautiful colourful pictures using chalk and paint, its been am amazing colourful day

Sports Day – Middlewich

Sports Day – Toddlers

Toddlers had an amazing sports day, first they started by having circle time and reading all about taking part of a race and that everyone taking part is a winner. After this the toddlers decorated their own medals using gold and silver paper. After they finished the decorations they all sat around the race line to wait to be called up to their race, the races included, sprint, football, relay and hopping hoops.

All toddlers took part in the exciting games and cheered for their friends. After all the races, all children received their medals and a certificate for taking part in sports day.

Thank you to all the children who took part and for the parents with their support towards ‘Children with Cancer UK’.

Sports Day – Middlewich Baby Room

Sports Day – Baby Room

On Thursday 8th March Baby room took part in sports day to raise money for children’s cancer charity.

We spent the morning making medals. We used glue and lots of shiny sequins to create a gluing and sticking masterpiece. We used our fine motor skills to pick the sequins up, this was really tricky for us, but we persevered. We used paint brushes to spread the glue out, holding our brushed using our whole hand in a palmer grasp.

We were so proud of our medals we hung them up for everyone to see.

In the afternoon we took part in a rage of sporty activities.

We started with our favourite, the slide. We looked at a range of ways to come down the slide, sliding on our bottoms, sliding on our bellies and also rolling balls down the slide. Each of the babies was able to independently use the slide, this is really good for developing our confidence.

We then moved on to developing our throwing skills. We lined up three hoops and practised throwing the bean bags into the hoops. This was super tricky but with support everyone had a go.

We finished the day with some football skills. We enjoyed kicking the football and chasing after it. Then we sat in a circle and rolled the ball to each other saying our names.

Well done for raising money for charity.

Holi Festival – Middlewich

Holi Festival – Baby Room

Today (13th March2018) we celebrated Holi festival.  Holi festival, also known as the festival of colours, is an Indian festival which signifies the arrival of spring. People visit family, friends and foes to throw colours powders on each other, laugh and enjoy the day.

In baby room we joined in this traditional festival by throwing powder paint. We watched as the colours mixed together, we explored how it felt on our hands and our feet and then we enjoyed large mark making in the colours.

We stamped our feet and watched as the powder moved on the paper and enjoyed watching as we left foot prints and hand prints on the floor.

This activity really developed our gross motor skills, and even at this early age started to prepare us to become good writers in the future by developing all the necessary muscles in our shoulders, arm and hands, as well as getting us interested in creating our very first marks.

Happy Holi day!